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Assist in funding the rehabilitation and renovation of buildings in the Capitol Complex. The Capitol Complex includes the State Capitol building, Supreme Court building, Old Federal Courthouse, Highway Building and the Governor’s Mansion.

AUTHORIZATION Section 620.3210, RSMo, as amended


  • Eligible artifacts donated to the Board of Publicbuildings shall be allowed a credit in an amount ofthirty percent of the eligible artifact donation.
  • Eligible artifacts include items of personal propertyspecifically for display in a building in the CapitolComplex or former fixtures which were previouslyowned by the state and used within the CapitolComplex. The Board of Public Buildings has solediscretion in determining whether a donation is aneligible artifact.
  • Eligible monetary donations submitted to MDFB fordeposit into the Capitol Complex Fund or to aneligible 501(c)(3) organization shall be allowed a creditin the amount of fifty percent of the donation.
  • Monetary donations include cash, check, money orderor similar cash equivalents valued at the face value ofthe currency, stocks of publicly traded companies; andbonds that are publicly traded.


No more than $10 million in tax credits may be approved in a calendar year. Donations will be processed for tax credits on a first come, first serve basis. Donations received in excess of the tax credit cap for the calendar year shall be placed in line for tax credits issued the following calendar year or shall be given the opportunity to complete their donation without the expectation of a tax credit, or shall request to have their donation returned.

The program will sunset on August 28, 2027.


The donations collected through this program will be used primarily by the Office of Administration for the restoration and maintenance of the buildings in the Capitol Complex.

This tax credit can be applied to:

  • Ch. 143 – Income tax, excluding withholding tax(except for taxes due under Sections 143.191 to 143.265)
  • Ch. 148 – Bank Tax, Insurance Premium Tax, OtherFinancial Institution Tax

This tax credit’s special attributes:

  • Refundable (monetary donations only) or Carry-forward4 years
  • Sellable or transferable
  • All credits must be redeemed within 5 years of issuance


  • Eligible Artifact donations are submitted to the Boardof Public Buildings for a determination of acceptance.If accepted, the Board of Public Buildings will submit areceipt of contribution including the artifacts valuationwith a copy to the Department of Economic Development for further processing and the issuance of a taxcredit.
  • Eligible Monetary donations are submitted to the MDFBfor deposit into the Capitol Complex Fund. A receipt ofcontribution is issued to the donor with a copy to the Department of Economic Development for further processing and the issuance of a tax credit.

Additional information can be found at: If making a contribution please complete the Application to Claim Credit.


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